Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Feeling of Love

A feeling of love is what you have helped me to find,
And once I met you it took over my mind.
You filled it with thoughts that I've never felt before,
And even if I wanted I could never truly ignore.

When I'm without you I feel suffering and pain,
For I would cross the desert just to hold you again
It's your very existence that makes my world go round,
For I feel nothing but love when you are around.

I know my love for you will never run astray,
For it continues to grow with each and every day.
My love is eternal my love remains true
For I want your beautiful face never to be blue.

Thinking about you is what I do best,
For every time I see you I know I've been blessed.
Loving you is my greatest pleasure
So isn't it obvious that I will love you forever?

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